Family Dollar Coupons: 4 Freebies, $3 off $15 Coupon, and New Grocery Rebates!


Family Dollar is rolling out some awesome new coupons and ways to save!  Get a $3 off $15 Printable Coupon, as well as 4 FREEBIES!  See all this week’s Family Dollar Deals HERE!

First, if you send a Valentine eCard to someone, you’ll receive a printable $3 off $15 Coupon.   I just sent one to Kasey so I could get my coupon – I hope she can feel the love :)


Next, it appears that Family Dollar is starting a program like Catalinas - they’re calling them “Grocery Rebates”.

Here’s the deal – if you buy certain products, a coupon will print out on your receipt for “$$$ Savings off your next order”. ( For short, we use the term OYNO = Off Your Next Order). This week’s offerings will get you 4 Wellness Freebies!!


  • Spend $2 on Family Wellness Ibuprofin Caplets or Tablets  ~ Get $2 OYNO
    = FREE!
  • Spend $2 on Family Wellness Cough & Cold Tablets ~ Get $2 OYNO
    = FREE!
  • Spend $1 on Family Wellness Cough Drops ~ Get $1 OYNO
    = FREE!
  • Spend $1 on Family Wellness Nasal Spray ~ Get $1 OYNO
    = FREE!
  • Spend $10 on the following ~ Get $3 OYNO
    $10 price determined after all other coupons/discounts
    - Softsoap Body Wash $3
    - Softsoap Hand Soap $1.50
    - Speed Stick $1.50
    - Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $3

I’m excited to go in and try this out – 4 freebies has convinced me to get in the door – now I have just a few questions to answer:

  • Will these coupons roll? In other words, can I take me $1 Off coupon from buying Cough Drops and use it to buy more Cough Drops – which will then print out another $1 reward?
  • Is there a limit to how many you can get?  It seems unlikely since there’s no store loyalty card to track it.
  • Will using coupons on items (for instance the Softsoap/Colgate deal) actually muck things up?  Will the $10 price really be determined after all other coupons/discounts?

Please let us know if you go in to try this out!!

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