Fall Vegetable Gardens in Texas: How to Tips!

Many people do not associate vegetable gardens with Texas. After all, the climate is very dry and arid. However, many vegetables do in fact thrive in Texas, especially in the fall season! If you are a tried and true Texan and want to get in on the vegetable gardening craze, you should! Below, you will find some basic tips for prosperous Texas vegetable garden during the fall growing season. Fall vegetable gardens in Texas can not only be fun, but quite prosperous as well!

Fall Vegetable Gardens in Texas: How to Tips:

1. Consider popular fall plants.
Many of the plants listed have a second growing season in Texas:  Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, greens, potatoes and turnips. All of these plants thrive during the second growing season in Texas and should be considered as part of your gardening plan!

2. Consider your location.
Get the varieties that do well in your area. Texas has several different USDA Zones so be sure you know and understand yours well.

3. Narrow down your selection.
The trick is to plant a few plants that do really well, not a lot of plants that do ok. Plant ones that thrive and you know you will consume.

4. Be soil savvy.
Soil texture can vary between sand and clay. Test your soil for pH. with a simple test kit from your local garden center.  Get your soil as close to neutral as you can.

5. Don’t skimp on sun.
Yes Texas is rather warm, but warmth alone is not enough to sustain a garden. Make sure you choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of sun a day.  Root vegetables will tolerate less, but other plants will require this to really thrive!

Living in Texas and want a fall vegetable garden? No worries! Fall in Texas is essentially round two when it comes to gardening and the chance to get the wheels turning all over again! Take advantage of this bonus growing season and reap the harvest!

Fall vegetable gardens in Texas can be appealing to the eye and abundant to your food source. So dive in and start planning your fall garden!

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