Fall DIY: Mum-Covered Pumpkins! (Mum-kins?)

Okay – officially these are chrysanthemums – but “chrysanthe-mumkins” is just a mouthful, ya know?

I saw these cute mum-covered pumpkins last night while browsing the web (while I really should be doing the laundry piled up in my basement) – and I think this looks like a craft I can do! Although it looks like these people used real pumpkins and real mums (Psh – that sounds like a rotten centerpiece waiting to happen) – I’ll be stopping by the Dollar Tree to pick up the following:

  • Fake Foam Pumpkin (or plastic pumpkin treat bucket!)
  • Fake Mums

Then my hot glue gun and I will tackle that bad boy – or hey, maybe like 3 or 4 of them – for this years official Fall Porch Decor!  I’ll post it again once I’ve finished – but I’d love to see what cute fall crafts you’ve been seeing on Pinterest or around the web.  Please post some links in the comment section – and we’ll go check them out!  (When we really should be doing something about that weird smell in the fridge….)


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