Facebook Poll: Time2Save Readers’ Top Splurges!

We all have those products/brands that we love – and will buy even if they’re NOT on sale or have a coupon!  (GASP)  I took a little poll on our Time2Save Facebook Page yesterday, and here are the top “splurges” that Time2Save readers can’t do without!

1) Coffee
2) Condiments  (Mayo, Ketchup, etc)
3) Peanut Butter (Overwhelmingly JIF!)
4) Toilet Paper
6) Coffee Creamer
7) Milk  (Mayfield or Organic)
8) Makeup/lotion

The great thing about couponing, is that by getting great deals on other items, we have a little extra in the budget to be able to make room for a few things we love.  It’s the little things, right?

So tell us – what do YOU “splurge” on?

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