Facebook Pajama Party: Tonight at 9pm!

Read our series on Extreme Couponing vs. Real Couponing HERE

Whether you Love or Hate the Extreme Couponing show on TLC – it airs tonight at 9 & 9:30 (I think 9:30 is the new episode)

I’ll be hosting a Facebook Q&A Roundtable tonight at 9 – so bring your questions, your brags, your chatter (and something sweet and something salty) and join us!  I’ll be hanging on the couch with my laptop catching up on the crazy world of Extreme Couponing – funfunfun!

If you’re a coupon veteran – join me on Facebook tonight, I’d love to have your help in answering questions!  Total Newbie?  Bring all that confusion and overwhelmedness (not a word.) right on over HERE – we know EXACTLY how you feel (we’ve been there).

So get out your favorite nailpolish, your hair rollers, and your munchies – be there or be square!!  (Pssst – I’m bringing this….)


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