FabKids | Kids 3-Piece Outfits ONLY $15 Shipped! (Girls or Boys Line!)


Jamie here!  We’ve posted about Fab Kids in the past – but I finally tried their line of BOY clothes and my son LOVED it! For a limited time, and for new subscribers only,  FabKids is offering new members 50% OFF their first outfit!

Fabkids will send you a cool 2-piece outfit, designed for style and made to withstand the playground for just $15 Shipped  (The normal cost is $29.95, but new members will get 50% OFF right now – no code needed)


You’ll also get FREE Shipping & FREE Returns, so it’s easy to try out anything that looks cute without worries.




FabKids is a monthly outfit club for stylish guys and gals, sizes 2-12. Co-headed by Christina Applegate. Members receive fresh, affordable and stylish outfits every month.  All items are backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee   Take the style quiz with your child to get outfits personalized just for them. Every outfit includes 2 pieces with a value of anywhere between $50 – $100.  (Honestly the jeans alone in many of these outfits are worth $20)

This deal won’t last forever, and it’s a steal. Love it – stay in the FabKids club to get playfully styled outfits, year-round. Don’t love it – cancel anytime for any reason with absolutely no strings attached. No penalties. No problem. Try FabKids today. 

Each month FabKids will suggest an outfit. These playfully styled outfits are only $29.95. It’s easy to accept the recommended outfit with a single click either via e-mail or on the site. You may also shop the collection to choose your own outfit, or simply skip the month. There is never an obligation to buy – you may “skip” as often as you’d like. 


This looks like a nice way to get a really on-trend ensemble with mix n match pieces you can pair with other items already in their closet – and not have to shop around for sales and coupon codes.  Look around and join HERE!




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