Extreme Couponing: Tonights Episode… (5/18 at 9:30 pm)

Will you be tuning in tonight? If so, and you want to chat about the show – Kasey will be on our Facebook Page to answer any questions and talk with you guys!  Please come and join our Facebook Community if you haven’t already – it’s a great place for support, answers, and making friends!

Tonight’s Extreme Couponing will feature a new shopper, Treasure Phillips – who’ll be couponing at ShopRite.  You’ll see her make a last minute change of plans to save her low total.  She also uses a rare meat coupon – we don’t see those too often, but because grilling season is swinging into gear – we WILL!  (See the WeUseCoupons interview with Treasure)

Meat Coupons Available RIGHT NOW:

  • Chef ‘s Requested Steak Coupons HERE
  • Several Oscar Mayer Coupons HERE
  • Look for Tearpads in the beer aisle – they usually have rebates when you buy MEAT + Charcoal + Beer.  Sometimes you DON’T have to buy beer at all for these rebates.  Read all about the glorious Bear Aisle (for Tearpads!) HERE
  • Deli Counter Tearpads – Right now at my deli, there are coupons for $1 off a lb of Sara Lee deli meat, and $2 off the purchase of Butterball deli meat + Reynolds Aluminum Foil

WARNING: Watching Extreme Couponing can have a disastrous effect on your coupon confidence.  Please read these posts HERE to get some much-needed perspective!


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