Extreme Couponing: Nathan Engles Returns Tomorrow To Shake Things Up!

If you didn’t catch our article on Extreme Couponing vs. Real-Life Couponing – please take a moment to hop over HERE and read it!


If you’ve been disappointed at the portrayal of some of the couponers on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” – then you’ll DEFINITELY want to tune in this Wednesday night at 9:30 for a new episode….

I spoke with Nathan Engles earlier this week (You may remember him as “Mr. Coupon” from the first episode!) and he tipped me off that tomorrow night’s episode will be an encouraging and uplifting one.  He’ll be using “couponed” items to send off 1,000 care packages to overseas troops – how awesome is that!?

We talked on the blog last week about how “Extreme Couponing” isn’t exactly “practical couponing”.  Just like any doable diet/exercise plan – you have to make changes that you can live with, and maintain, in order to get any real, lasting benefit from couponing.  We also suggested that if we are to be known as “extreme” anything – we hope that we show ourselves to be “Extreme Givers” – using the free/cheap items we buy to bless others.

Well, Nathan will be doing just that tomorrow – hey, didn’t we tell ya he was a great guy?  :)

Tune in at 9:30 PM EST for a look at how couponing can be a tool to GIVE.

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