Extreme Couponing Airs tonight at 10pm!

Join us for some fun conversation tonight on the Time2Save Facebook Page!

Just a reminder that we’ll be holding our weekly Wednesday Facebook Q&A tonight at 10pm!  Although it happens to be at the same time as the TLC Extreme Couponing show reruns, we really just shoot the breeze about any questions you may have – and share stories and tips with one another.

Tonight’s Q&A Roundtable will be hosted by me (Jamie), so invite a curious friend to come and join us and have their questions answered!  I am looking for a new way to host this chat – rather than our current method, so if you are super tech-savvy, and can drop by and share your wisdom, I’d love to hear  that too!

Extra Benefit: I’ll be working on the CVS ad tonight as well (the one starting Sunday 7/24) – so I’ll be sure to give you a heads up on any deals I’m coming across way-way early too!


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