Extra Rite Aid deals: Free Lays Stax, Quantumatics, KY & More!!


Here are a few more GREAT Rite Aid, the deals just keep on coming.  I have to say I am loving Rite Aid today.  Check out all the drugstore deals HERE.    

  • Lays Stax
    On sale this week for $1.00~Get $1.00 +Up as part of Feb. +Up Food Rewards
    (makes it FREE!!) 
  • Ky Deal
    2 K-Y Brand Jelly 2oz on sale this week BOGO 50% off
    Buy 1 at $4.49 get 1 50% off = $6.74
    Use: 2 $3/1 PRINT  or $3/1 PRINT
    Get: $5 +Up Reward
    (makes it FREE + $4.26 MONEY MAKER)
  • Purina Pet Deal
    1 Beggin Strips $2.99
    Buy: 1 Busy Bone $2.99
    Use:  FREE Purina Busy with Purina Beggin’ from 1/23 SS
    Use:  $1/1 Purina Beggin from 12/12 SS
    Get:  2 $1 +Up Rewards
    (makes it FREE!!)
  • Harts Dog Treat Deal
    Buy: 1 Hartz Crunch and Clean Dog Treats $2.99
    Use: $2/1 from 1/9 SS or $1/1 PRINT or $1/1from Jan All You
    Get: 2 $1 +Up Reward
    (makes it as low as FREE + Money Maker)
  • Finish Deal
      Finish Quantumatics on sale for $3.99
    Use:  $3/1 PRINT or $3/1 PRINT
    Stack with: $1/1 Rite Aid PRINT 
    (makes it FREE!!!)
    2 Helping Hand 1/2 Pint Funnels $.89 each
    Get:  $2 +Up Reward
    (makes it FREE + Money Maker)
  • Spic & Span Deal
     Spic & Span disosable gloves are on Clearance in many areas for $.50 each
    Use:  $1/2 PRINT
    (makes it FREE!!!)
  • Edys Ice Cream Deal Idea
    Edys Ice Cream is on sale this week for $2.99~Get $2.00 +Up it is also part of the Your Game Promotion if you have room in your freezer can get 6 Edys Ice Cream for $.94 TOTAL!!
    6 Edys Ice Cream @ $2.99 each=$17.94
    Get: 6 $2.00 +Up & 1 $5.00 +Up
    (makes it $.16 each)
    **You can only do this deal one time per Wellness Card!!


  1. grace says

    Yes, Rite Aid the best I think and this week is the best week to stock up on Ups. Even just buying the Lays Stix will help you stock up. There is a $3 K-Y Video Value coupon which makes the K-Y deal a MM, since you receive $5. There is a 3/2 VV for the Dixie plates which is part of your game promotion and the Chex Mix is also producing a $1 up reward

  2. Lindsay says

    Here is how the +Ups work:
    A +Up is a Reward that Rite Aid offers on certain products each week.
    The first time you go you are going to pay a for the purchase out of pocket. Once you have a few +Up Rewards then your out of pocket is going to go way down. (This week is a really good week to build up a stock of +Up in my opinion).
    When you make a purchase of an item that has +Up Rewards, make sure to scan your Wellness Card, at the end of the transaction your +Up Rewards print at the bottom of your reciept. You can use them on your next purchase. These ususally don’t expire for 2-3 weeks.
    As far as doing the Edy’s Deal, if you have never done the Rite Aid deals you are going to have to pay for the ice cream out of pocket, and then the +Ups will print so you can use on your next purchase. Just purchase the Edys Ice Cream (6) and you should get total of $17.00 in +Up Reward to use next purchase.

  3. susan says

    I have just started also trying to save money and get really good deals for my family. I did sign up and got a wellness card but have never been to Rite aid to shop can someone help me out,? I dont understand the terminology of 6 2.00 + up??? Thanks so much

  4. joy gobble says

    Could someone please explain how to do the Edy’s deal. I don’t know ANYTHING about shopping at Rite Aid. I literally started yesterday trying to figure it out. Thanks.

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