ESPN for Father’s Day: A Word From My Husband!

This is an AWESOME idea for Father’s Day – get one for you hubby AND your dad!  Pair this subscription with a team hat/shirt that he likes, and you’re good to go!

My husband LOVES his ESPN magazine – it’s the highlight of his day whenever he walks up the driveway holding a new one – yet he says the reason he really wanted a subscription was for the Online perks!   When you subscribe to ESPN magazine – you automatically get a FREE subscription to ESPN Insider Online! (Reg. $6.95/month!)  So you’ll save $83.40 off Insider & $125 off the subscription = $213.40 savings!!!

  My hubby says, and I quote “Insider allows you access to some of the best articles, best writers, and best blogs that you can’t get with just the magazine.”  Is your husband a big baseball fan?  Soccer Fan?  Any Sports Fan??  He’s going to LOVE this free membership!   

ESPN is on weekly special for just $4.69. Make it just $3.33 – FREE after Ebates Cashback & 20% Code below:

  • Earn 10% Cashback when you go to Ebates & search “Best Deal Magazines”
  • Use the 20% Promo Code: WKLYSPCL at checkout
  • If you’re new to Ebates, you’ll get $5 just for signing up!!


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