Educational Freebie Friday | FREE Printables, Apps, Games!

Whether you’re just looking to keep your kids’ brains busy, or planning next week’s homeschool lessons over the weekend – here are some great educational freebies to help you out!  – Thanks to HomeSchoolforFree for this list!


Free App Friday – 33 FREE apps available on 5/9/14!

How to make a penny battery that will power an LED light for 7 days!

Free resources to teach your child to read from

FREE Uno-style Probability card game

Simple directions for several household science projects

FREE Minecraft-based Geometry unit from Currclick

Free curriculum from the National Postal Museum – options for Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School

Free The Very Hungry Caterpillar printable worksheets

How to put together your own Journalism curriculum from FiveJs

75 top APPS for homeschool – the top school apps for just about every subject!

How to create your own Little House unit study

Educational online games for K – 5th grade

Free Kindle Books For Children – The top 100 completely FREE Kindle Books for kids!

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