Easter Deviled Eggs: So Cute and Easy!

easter deviled eggs


My friend Wilmari made these cute Easter Deviled Eggs.  As soon as I saw her picture, I asked if I could share with y’all.  I thought the idea was so cute, she said that she made them with her 5 year old daughter and they were super easy.  If you don’t already know the secret to boiling the perfect hard boiled egg, you can find Jamie’s post here (although she hates deviled eggs).

After boiling the eggs, allow to cool.  Then carefully peel, and slice in half.  The number of cups you’ll need depends on how many different colors you’d like to dye your eggs. I usually purchase small disposable cups at the Dollar Tree to make clean up easier.  Fill cups half full with water, add 3 drops of desired food coloring and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Allow to sit in food coloring until eggs reach desired color.  Remove, and place upside down on a paper towel to dry.

Using the yolk, prepare your favorite deviled egg recipe and spoon or pipe back into dry eggs.


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