Easter Clearance Items: What You Should Look For


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Easter Clearance Items … What to Look For!

Walmart and Target have marked down their Easter Clearance to 50% OFF – and it’s a great time to snag goodies for next year!

Wondering what Easter clearance items you should look for? Start by setting a little money aside so that next year you’ll be stocked up. Luckily, there are many ways to save by taking advantage of after Easter sales!

For example, if your child doesn’t already have a good basket you can reuse every year after Easter then it’s time to buy a durable one. If you’ve had your eyes on one of the baskets with a fancy monogrammed liner, now is the time to consider purchasing it. Speaking of baskets, this is also a great time to stock up on things like grass, Easter eggs, and basket fillers for next year!

Tableware is in abundance after the Easter holiday. Stock up on Easter themed paper plates, napkins, and craft supplies to make homemade table decor. If you are in the market for more formal Easter décor, the after clearance sales are the time to splurge! Tablecloths, placemats, matching cloth napkins, and napkin holders can all be found at a discount. You’ll also find great deals on themed candle holders, and serving dishes.

Don’t forget about that yummy candy! I buy solid milk and dark chocolate candy and freeze it for baking. Once it’s chopped up and cooked in a delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie, you’d never know it was once in the shape of a bunny! Always check the date on the packaging as you may be able to stock up for next year, or even use for Halloween candy if you don’t mind the pastel packaging.

Baking supplies can typically be purchased after Easter at a discount as well! Easter cookie cutters, baking mixes, baking pans, sprinkles, spring themed cake pans and more can all be snagged for less and used throughout the spring and summer season. These types of items are so versatile and can function long after the Easter season, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Did you know that even clothing can be found with hot clearance prices after the Easter season is over? When my kids were smaller I’d usually buy them an Easter themed t-shirt with a cute little bunny or chick. Spring themed items will last you well into summer and don’t need to be reserved just for the holiday. Why not buy ahead now for next year? Your little one will be super cute, and you just saved tons of money!

By shopping smart after the Easter season, you will find that you too can find magnificent deals waiting for you!

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