Easter Baskets for Teens & Tweens | 6 Frugal Ideas


Easter Baskets for Teens & Tweens | 6  Frugal Ideas

Jamie here, if you’re like me, it’s starts to get a little harder to fill those Easter Baskets the bigger your kids (or grandkids!) get.  And if you’re on  a strict budget, it gets even more difficult. I want to share some of the things I normally hunt down for my kids’ Easter Baskets  -  I shop the Goodwill for many of these, and buy right after Easter for next year’s basket whenever possible.  For example: The wild animal eggs filled with tattoos (in the background of the above photo) were 75% OFF at CVS last year, only $1.25 for 16.



The thrift store is a great place to get games that look nice still.  I stopped in today and was able to get a BRAND NEW mini-chess/checkers set + Dominos + Pickup Sticks for $1.99.  I also found Boggle for $.99 which looks brand new.   My kids likely won’t know the difference, and if they do – well they’re old enough not to wonder why the Easter Bunny’s Boggle game isn’t still shrink-wrapped ;)


Here are a ton of card and board games on Amazon right now under $8 – like Sorry! and Clue which are add-on items for only $6.97 currently.

This PearsinPairs game looks fun and is currently just $4.99!

If your kids are into Pokemon (I don’t know how this is possible for a 13 year old to love it so much – but mine does…..) this Pokemon Rare Grab Bag would be a pretty fun gift!


UPDATE: I hit the Habitat for Humanity Home Store looking for a prize for last month’s Valentine Scavenger Hunt, and got these Barrels of Monkeys for just 50¢ each – I promise you really can find cute games at junk stores! :)

Wallets or Phone Cases:

iphonecase mandalacase

A new wallet or cute phone case is an easy add-in.  

While they make take a little while to arrive –  you could pick up iPhone 6 cases under $2 here and here – or this pretty Henna design comes with 2-Day Shipping for a little more here.




I picked up the Navy blue Starter wallet up top for $.99 at the Goodwill this week – and while there I spotted several cute girls’ wallets and tech cases as well.  You can also score a pretty inexpensive wallet online as well – these are around $5 + Free Shipping

Outdoor Toy Items:

A frisbee (only $1 at the Dollar Spot at Target!), a Nerf football, sidewalk chalk, and other items will give the kids something to do Easter afternoon while you’re cooking that big fabulous meal.  I picked up a Nerf football for each of the kids at Rite-Aid on 75% OFF Clearance.  Anytime I see a crazy deal on toys – I buy what I can afford and stash it away for Easter, Christmas, or Birthday presents.

Hacky Sacks are back in again – and they’re pretty inexpensive!  My teen got one at the Mall for $5 or $6, but I found an even better deal on a set of 6 on Amazon.


This Wooden Boomerang is a fun unexpected toy, and it’s just $5.70 Shipped

Art Supplies:

While they’re past the age for crayons and coloring books – teens and tweens who love drawing or doodling will get excited for new colored pencils, a big selection of markers, gel pens, etc…

This big set of 48-Fiskars Gel Pens is only $15.68 - this could totally be divided up into several different baskets to stretch it to the max! :) And check out these cool Extreme Dot to Dot Books – I’d never heard of these before!

Inexpensive Accessories:

For the guys – a $5 sporty watch from the drugstore, or some funky Pixelated Sunglasses will do the job.


For the girls – it’s a whole lot easier, as there are a MILLION cute and inexpensive accessories you can pick up that will delight.  These multicolor butterfly earrings are under $2 shipped!


Kindle Books or Credit:

Encourage them to read by surprising them with new books on their Kindle or an Amazon Printable Giftcard for them to spend on Kindle books. (You can choose some super cute Easter designs as well!)


I got my boys The Action Bible on Kindle this year because they LOVED the free Easter Story excerpt they read earlier this year.  (UPDATE: My 10, now 11, year old has read this Bible through at least 3 times – he loves it so much and has become SO knowledgeable about the people and stories in the Bible!)

  DO you have some frugal ideas for teens or tweens?  We’d love to hear your favorite things to include as well! thrift-store-shopping-tips   If you’re headed to the Thrift Store for some goodies – you may also want to check out this post on Thrift Store Shopping Tips


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    Yes, the Action Bible is awesome! Love the pixelated glasses, I’m going to look for those! I would add that tweens might like those little Minecraft figures, Lego blind bags, a small pack of Pokemon cards, an Extreme Dot-to-Dot book, or a Rubiks cube.

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