Earthfare: Organic Peanut Butter for $1!

In case you didn’t catch the weekly Earthfare Coupon yesterday – it’s a doozie!  5 Organic Items for $5 (It’s called the Pantry Makeover)  The items included are pretty awesome – and worth much more than $1 each!  Peanut Butter is my favorite – since it’s so hard to find a good deal on lately :0  Print your coupon HERE and you may even be able to use it at Bi-Lo or Publix!

Earthfare Organic Peanut Butter
Earthfare Organic Applesauce
Earthfare Organic Crackers
Earthfare Organic Cookies
Earthfare Organic Jelly

If Organic or Gluten-Free foods are part of your diet – you know that they can be expensive.  Sign up for Vitacost and get a FREE $10 Credit to spend on their site dedicated to Natural and Organic living!  Use it on some of the staples you have a hard time finding deals or coupons for…


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