Dr Oz RealAge Test – Couponing Counts Right?

Okay, here’s a fun way to start off the weekend.  Millions have taken Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen’s RealAge Test.  I would think that using coupons has to take at least 5 years off your real age since it helps reduce financial stress don’t you? 

I’ll tell you ahead of time I don’t get enough sleep, don’t drink enough any water, haven’t exercised in months and I hate all seafood.  Not sure if the seafood part matters – if it does I hope not much.

I’m game are you?  Let’s find out how old we really are.  You gotta share this one now – how old are you and what is your “real age?”  Go here to find out.  Watch the comments – I’ll sneak mine in:)  ~Kasey


  1. LeAnn says

    YEEEHAAAAAWWW…..Finally some good news, lol! I am 37.5, a military wife and stay at home mom of 7 kids….I thought for sure I must be knocking on deaths door….BUT to my surprise my RealAge was 34.5….I would have probably been much younger if I exercised more, ate more fruit and fish OH YEAH and drop like 40lbs…(kinda already knew this one :-( ) So what ya all think if I lose the weight can I be a almost 40 year old with a RealAge of like 30??? Thanks for passing this on..I needed this ltille boost today! :-)

  2. Melissa Williams says

    i turned 33 in February but my “Real Age” is 37.6… not great, but not too bad. I know what my issues are and what I definitely need to work on. I need to lose some weight and be more consistent on exercising. It also wouldn’t hurt to lessen my proccessed food and takeout. These are all issues that I am working on, maybe next time I do this test my Real Age will be 21 :)

  3. Lisa says

    I will be 36 in August and my RealAge is 45.3! I need to get more exercise, eat more whole grains, and start taking Vitamin D and fish oil! Easier said than done, but at least I have couponing to ease my financial stress. Thanks Time2Save!!

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