Dollar Shave Club | Glowing Review from Our School Principal!


Jamie here!  My husband listens to lots of sports radio in the car (and I mean LOTS) and I’m always hearing commercials about the Dollar Shave Club.  Since he’s a beard man, I don’t worry about razors for him – but I recently got a glowing review of the Dollar Shave Club from none other than our school’s principal!

We were just sitting at our end-of-school awards banquet, and he stopped by the table to say Hi.  I’d sent fake mustaches for my son’s class to wear and it somehow landed us on the topic of razors.  Out of nowhere he brought up how much he LOVED using Dollar Shave Club.

I wanted to share his thoughts with you – because unless you can find a great deal on razors by couponing, you’ll be paying a fortune for new cartridges.


Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of their great razors, pay one low monthly fee, and they send ‘em right to your door. No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech. No more forgetting to buy your blades.

Our principal said that he gets a shipment delivered every month on razors that are just as good as any he’s ever tried.  He might have used the word FABULOUS – but honestly guys, he might’ve said WONDERFUL.  It was glowing though – I’ll tell you that ;)   He feels like it’s an excellent value.  Plus, he never has to worry about running out at the last minute and having to run out to buy more.

The Options, price includes S&H:

  • The Humble Twin | 5 Cartridges per Month for $1
  • The 4X | 4 Cartridges per Month for $6
  • The Executive w/6 Blades | 4 Cartridges per Month for $9

The other thing you might not realize is that Dollar Shave Club is not just for men.  Sure the advertising is geared to them – but the description of the 4-Cartidge Razor says:

It was designed to satisfy the harshest critics of both genders, so you can share your subscription with someone you care about (or someone who’s been stealing your blades). It’s equally good for the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.


Let us know if you’ve ever tried Dollar Shave Club – it looks to be a good, simple alternative to looking for a good coupon deal!



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