Dollar General: Ragu Pasta Sauce + Clover Valley Pasta = $.50!

I stopped by the Dollar General store today (to pick up some Brach’s candy for $.25 if you must know :) ) and found this awesome tearpad coupon on an endcap full of Ragu sauce and Clover Valley pasta.  The coupon states:

Save $2 when you buy Ragu Pasta Sauce 1lb 7.9oz and Clover Valley Pasta (no size specifications)

Ragu Pasta Sauce $2, and Clover Valley Spaghetti $1 = $3
Use $2 tearpad coupon
(makes it $1 total, or $.50 each!)

But this deal gets even better if you pick up Ragu Sauce and Clover Valley Macaroni & Cheese, which is just $.50.

Ragu Pasta Sauce $2 + Clover Valley Mac & Cheese $.50 = $2.50
Use $2 tearpad coupon
(makes it $.50 total, or $.25 each!)

This is an awesome deal for my own pantry – but what a perfect and easy donation idea!  Just swing by the Dollar General and grab a few of these items for your church’s food bank or local shelter – it’s exactly the kind of thing they need day in and day out!


  1. Melissa says

    My store does not have this coupon, but the manager said that if I could get the code off the coupon she could put it in that way since it is a DG coupon! Can someone please give this code to me?! Pretty please?


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