Dollar General: 10 Cent Summer Clearance Sale!

It’s time for the Dollar General 10 Cent Clearance Sale!  Dollar General stores have marked much of the summer clearance items down to just a dime – and here are some of the deals you can get:

Photo thanks to geegee921 of WeUseCoupons!

  • Clocks
  • Picture Frames
  • Bistro Table (!!!!!)
  • Garden Tools
  • Bird Feeders
  • Patio items – Tiki Torches, Umbrella Stands, Pots
  • Pools, Jump Ropes, Chalk, Goggles, Floats, Water Guns, Hockey Sticks
  • NOTE: We’ve heard that some “As Seen on TV” items are also $.10 – like Giant Cupcake pan, brownie pans, etc…

Time2Give: LOTS of these items would make great donation ideas – imagine dropping off several clocks at the Women’s shelter, where abused women have had to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Or filling up an Operation Christmas Child box with fun chalk, jump ropes, squirt guns, etc..


  1. wendy says

    I went to the Dollar General on Brainerd Road. Had a buggy full of stuff and the man said he was not sure that it was all on sale. I ended up with 12 table clothes that we can use at church for VBS crafts. I also grabbed one ofth $15 lawn chairs, and several garden tools. They all were not priced but did ring up .10 I went back and got 4 more chairs. These will be perfect for our camper or I may give them as Christmas gifts.

  2. Amora says

    No… They said they didn’t have any left. They said that most of their clearance was already gone from b1g1 sale. Didn’t think to have them scan anything. It it works for anyone let me know! My kids and I were ready to shop with our change purse! Lol… they were not happy campers when we left empty handed. Lol

    • Jamie says

      amora – did you have them scan the items? Supposedly it’s ALL stores, considering they put it on the website!

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