Dollar General: $1 Welch’s Juice, 50¢ TGIF Snacks!

I don’t usually post Dollar General deals (although I really, really wish I had the time!) but I stop there to shop fairly regularly, so I’m excited about the following deals!  If your Dollar General claims NOT to accept internet printable coupons – just bring this along to show them the updated coupon policy!

Welch’s Grape Juice $2
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $1 ea!)  – Thanks,

TGIFridays Snacks $1
Use $1/2 PRINT

(makes it 50¢ ea!)

Suave Deodorant $1.50
Use $3/2 PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

Gillette Body Wash $2
Use $4/2 from the 5/2 P&G

(makes it FREE!)

- Thanks, MoneySavingMom!


  1. tbrown01 says

    I posted this before but I don't see it now. So I am going to try again….

    I had the same problem as above not being able to find the Gillette Body wash at any Dollar General in my area. But this week took the cake for me and I would serioulsy love to boycott DG. I went to 3 different DG in my area to get the Suave deoderant deal. I was told by all three that they couldn't do that…"we can't let you get this for free". GEEZ. Really? It happens all the time. Its just now you realize it because the deoderant was the only thing I was purchasing. Anyone else have this problem??

  2. tbrown01 says

    I am seriously considering boycotting Dollar General. Not only did I have the same problem last week as above, unable to find the Gillette body wash anywhere, this week more problems. I went to 3 diff DG in my area to get the Suave deoderants for "free" and they wouldn't let me do it. They said, that they are not allowed to let me buy something and use a coupon that would make it free!! Geesh.

  3. Catgirl says

    Good luck finding Gilette Body Wash at Dollar General. For the last week, it became my MISSION to find it and no one has it. Then I was going to price match at Walmart, they don't have it! I finally did drive about 11 miles out of the way and scored 9 bottles. My kids were like, "Why do you want that stuff so much?!" Lol!

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