DIY Spice Organizer (LOVE this for those Odd-Shaped Jars!)


DIY Spice Organizer

Jamie here, I hate my messy spice cabinet with a passion, so this week I had the bright idea to tidy it up with a cheerful DIY Spice Organizer! (Not so much DIY as Recycled)

This is simply a plastic file bin I picked up from Target’s Dollar Spot a couple weeks ago.  I picked up a couple – I used my other one to make this DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer!  I will tell you – so far this is the best thing I’ve tried in my spice cabinet… here’s why:

I’ve tried to organize my spice cabinet before with little wire shelves that stair-stepped up towards the back – but I have so many random-sized spices that some of them didn’t fit on the skinny shelves.  Plus it wasted space.  I even had a lazy susan once – but things kept falling off as I’d spin it and root around.

The reason I love this DIY Spice organizer is that it’s great at corralling my misfit spices that are either big or oddly shaped. It  fits my boullion jars, olive oil, bulk spices and even has room left to slide packets of taco seasoning, etc… in the sides.  Plus I can see what’s inside from all angles.

It would nice to have an extra to keep all your grilling spices in as well.  That way you can take it out to the patio for cookouts, or pack it with the camping supplies for campfire cooking.

Now I just need a few more of these to round up the rest of my main spices and I’ll be super-organized!

How do you keep your spice cabinet organized?  If you have a spice rack – what kind works for you?

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