DIY Smurfette No-Sew Costume


DIY Smurfette No-Sew Costume

A friend of mine has a daughter who wants to be Smurfette for Halloween this year – and she’s been on the lookout for a deal.  The Amazon price for this official Smurfette Costume is around $25 – and when I saw it I knew this was possibly the easiest DIY costume EVER!  Here’s how to make a DIY Smurfette No-Sew costume:

  1. Pick up a long-sleeve blue shirt and leggings.   Look for a light, bright blue color that match closely.  Since your little one can wear these over and over, you’re not wasting money on a one-time costume – but also adding to her wardrobe.
  2. Buy 2 yards or so of white felt.  Other white fabric will do as well, but felt will be cozy on a cool night and it’s easy to work with.   (If you already have an old white dress you can cut up – skip this next step!)
    Dress Pattern:

    • Fold the fabric in half so you now have two rectangles, about a yard or so of fabric each, on top of each other
    • The fold will be the top of the dress – so you won’t have to sew the straps together later
    • Using a sun-dress or apron your daughter already owns, trace a basic pinafore outline onto the top piece of fabric
    • Carefully cut out the dress pattern from both pieces of felt at the same time – leaving an extra inch or so between your drawing and the scissors all the way around.
    • Here’s the part where you can cheat!  Instead of sewing, simply use hot glue or safety pins to discreetly attach the two fabric edges together at the sides of the pattern (Make sure you do NOT glue the armholes, skirt opening, and neckhole!)
    • Once the hot glue has cooled, carefully turn the dress inside out – so the glued/pinned seams will be hidden on the inside.


  3. Decorate the Dress.  Using a sharpie, trace around the outside of a cup or bowl for the skirt decoration.  Cut a frill into the bottom of the skirt part.
  4. Add white sneakers or slippers and this Smurf Hat (which is only $3.44).  I would say you could just make a hat out of the extra felt – but I’ve not had much success with no-sew hats in the past.  For $3.44 – I would save yourself some troube eand just pick this one up :)


Smurf Costume Variations:

Smurf Costume:  Blue shirt, white pants, white smurf hat (or buy the whole thing here)

Papa Smurf Costume: Blue Shirt, Red Pants, Red Hat – attach white felt to hat for a beard

Brainy Smurf Costume:  Add big black pipe-cleaner glasses, or black glasses from the thrift store with the lenses removed.  Have him carry a book around :)

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  1. Julia says

    I made a hat and it literally cost nothing. I just got paper, a staple, tissues, a hole puncher and string. Traced the outline of the hat on 2 sheets of paper. Stapled the sides, except bottom. Filled it with tissues, stapled the bottom. Got a hole puncher and punched 2 holes, before i put sticky tape where i was going to punch the hole. Got string and tied it around my neck.

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