DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer (From Plastic File Bin!)



This week I took it upon myself to tackle the under-the-sink area and I wanted to share this cute DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer!  It’s simply a repurposed Plastic File Bin I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot and now I’m totally kicking myself that I didn’t buy several to use all over the kitchen.  (Argh!  Hindsigh, right?)

If you can’t find this at Target (they change their Dollar Spot items up so frequently it’s hard to say), I’m sure you can pick up various file bins at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and other places that won’t cost much.  Even at a few dollars, this DIY plastic wrap organizer is ceratainly more cost-effective than these options:

Grayline 40231, Door or Wall Wrap Rack, White - $11.86

Organized Living Kitchen Wrap Organizer, White – $15.81


What other kinds of uses can you come up with for a file bin?  Do you think it would make a good spice organizer??



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