DIY Oil Pan Sled


DIY Oil Pan Sled

Jamie here – it finally snowed BIG here in Cleveland, TN and the kids have never been sledding before.  I do have a couple saucer sleds – but went out into the snowstorm tonight to look for more (and bigger) versions just in case we are able to find the perfect hill tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, every store was COMPLETELY sold out of sleds.

When the woman in Walmart’s sporting goods section pointed me towards the automotive aisle I was less than impressed – but she had some good advice.  She said these tin oil drip pans (which are $11.98, I believe) work GREAT.  They’re lightweight enough to haul up and down a hill, and easy to drill through for adding rope.

She sold me on the very last one and I headed home to DIY it.  My husband gave me “the look” when I walked in the door – but I ignored him like I usually do anytime it comes to DIY projects.  He’s a naysayer if ever there was one ;)

Using a 1/2″ Drill Bit, I bore a hole on either side for the rope.**  I tied on clothesline rope – but because my holes are a little scraggly around the edges and I’m afraid the rope might fray, I doubled up on the rope when I passed it through the hole.

Then I knelt on the tray and pulled the front upwards until I had a decent curve.  There’s no exact science to this one – unless you have a log or some other cylinder to mold it around, I’d say there’s no need to be perfect.

Our sled is big enough for the kids to ride on 2 or even 3 in a row!  Or you can lie down on it.  This one’s even big enough for mom to ride!

**If you’re not familiar with drilling metal (like me – this was my first time even USING a drill) here’s what I did (Thanks to my brother who talked me through this one on the phone).

  1. Find a piece of plywood, or an old book you hate, or in my case – an piece of particle board that used to be a shelf.  (Yes, I might be a borderline hoarder.)
  2. Place the book/wood under the spot you’ll be drilling.
  3. Start off drilling slowly, because the bit wants to corkscrew itself into the pan – rather than working its way on through.  Once you can feel it starting to punch through – rev it up to high speed.
  4. I highly suggest kneeling on your pan while you do this – otherwise your drill may turn it into a spinning blade of death. ;)

For more answers to your drilling questions – you’ll have to call your own brother.  Mine doesn’t like me giving his # out to strangers (go figure).

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