DIY Halloween Candy Corn Barrettes (Cute enough to eat!)

This week I was sitting there eating candy corn and thinking of all the stuff I could probably hot glue candy corn onto.  You do that kind of thing too right?  Backwards thinking?  I’m such a packrat that I always have to create a use for the stuff I collect -in this case, it was candy corn.  I had a lot of candy corn and if I don’t glue it onto something quick, I’ll probably eat all of it, in which case it will be glued to my thighs.  SO here’s what I made:

Halloween Candy Corn Barrettes

You’ll Need: Barrettes, Candy Corn, Fake Flowers in fall colors, hot glue  (Ribbons would be cute too!)

  1. First, clip your barrette to an index card or stiff piece of paper.  This is so that any hot glue that seeps under the top of the barrette, won’t stick to the bottom of the barrette and make it impossible to open.  Just peel off the excess glue at the end.
  2. Next, Glue a couple small silk flowers onto the wider end and the middle of the barrette.  Cover up any ugly glue spots with extra petals.  My flowers came with berries – so if you have that kind, glue them in the center of the flowers.  If you don’t have berries – just use cute little buttons or beads the same way!
  3. CAREFULLY glue the piece of candy corn to the tip of the barrette.  Try to overlap one of the silk flowers at least partially, so that the candy corn has something else to grab onto than just the metal.  Don’t press hard.  I did this on my first one, and the layers separated!  (Those white, yellow, and orange pieces just fell right apart)
  4. Peel any hardened glue from the underside of the barrette and remove the index card.  You’re done!

I’ll be honest here – I’ve clicked and unclicked my barrettes about  9or 10  times and while everything is staying put just fine, I can’t say that it will for very long.  Mainly – this would be a cute accessory for your little one to wear on Halloween day and maybe a Halloween party – but not much more than that.

WARNING:  Check yourself before you wreck yourself!!  When my first candy corn popped off the barrette – my instinct told me to pop the pieces in my mouth. (5 second rule!) Only just in time did I remember there was hot glue attached :)  Sigh…. Delicious wasted candy….

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