DIY Flower Planters | How to Choose & Arrange Flowers for BIG Impact!


Jamie here, if you’re wanting to try your hand at DIY Flower Planters this year (rather than buying the super-cute-but-crazy-pricey arranged pots at the garden center) I have a super-simple 3-Step Rule to share with you ;)  You need to purchase each of these types of flowers for maximum impact:




You’ll want to begin putting together your DIY Flower Planters by searching for these three types of flowers/plants to fill your pot.

*Keep in mind that they each need to have the same sun requirements






The Boom! is the centerpiece to your planter arrangement.   You will either place it in the center or the back of the container – depending on whether the planter will be seen from a 360° angle or mostly from one side.  Choose a sturdy flower with good height, eye-catching color, and not much in the way of frills.   I used Nemesia for the Boom in both of my planters because I just fell in love with the sunset & rasberry colors. :)



The Filler

The Filler is exactly what it sounds like!  It fills in the gaps between the Boom and the Spiller.  Choose a plant that only grows to a medium hight and mainly spreads horizontally.   Also choose a plant that contrasts with the centerpiece – if the centerpiece is a grass or foliage, choose a flowering filler.  If it’s a flower, chose a leafy filler.  Even herbs work well as fillers – I have Cilantro over there in my orange pot, which I’ll be snipping throughout the season for salsa.  I have Black Dragon in my pink pot because the dark looked so nice with the bright pinks.

The Spiller

The Spiller’s job is to cascade prettily over the edge of the planter.  Petunias and Verbena (looks like a mini-petunia) make great spillers – my local Ace had 3″ Wave Petunia’s on sale for $1.99 so I picked up a few of those.

If you already have lots of flowers, you might want to choose a trailing vine instead.

NOTE: Before you leave the garden center, make sure to pick up a big bag of Potting Soil. Do NOT mistakenly grab garden soil like I once did – those poor tomatoes were doomed from the get-go…. :(

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to plant!




Place your plants (while still in their plastic pots) inside your planter to get a good idea how you’re going to arrange them.  Make sure it’s not too crowded in there – you might not need all the plants you bought if they’re touching each other.

Take them out and fill the planter with soil until it’s a couple inches from the top.  Gently remove each plant from it’s plastic pot and use your fingertips to tease the roots apart just a little.  (My mama taught me that ;) )  Scoop out indentations for each plant and place in the pot.  Leave room for them to spread – remember the filler will spread sideways and the spiller will also grow in more directions than just over the edge.

Water it a little to tamp down the soil and then fill in any gaps with an extra trowel or two of soil.


Your planter may look a tad sparse at the begining (mine aren’t anything to write home about yet) – but after a couple weeks everything should have filled out a little more and you’ll have a pretty planter you can proudly claim as your own design!

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