DIY Fall Wreath Ideas! (Submit Yours To Win!)


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Well, we’re officially into Fall now – and if you haven’t entered our “Perty Porch Contest” yet by submitting a picture of your Fall door/porch decor – GO HERE to enter!

If you haven’t started decorating yet, you aren’t alone…. I’ve so far only hung up our Family Monster Mash Wreath.

That’s why I went searching Pinterest for some cool ideas for a DIY Fall Wreath.  (Scroll to the bottom for the LAZY Girl’s Wreath)

Here are some of my faves to help get you going!




Those are all pretty – also I saw a couple that used paper/fake leaves to make a pretty pattern.  Then again – making a Fall wreath means you’ll also have to make a Christmas wreath – that’s why I like the idea of this Pinecone Wreath…


Hang it from an orange ribbon – VOILA!  Fall Wreath!  Hang it from a Green ribbon – VOILA!  Christmas Wreath!  Plus, you can make the kids go pick up all the pinecones.  See what I told you?  Lazy girl’s wreath :)

What’s your wreath-style?  Are you modern?  Traditional?  Funky?  Elementary-school chic?

Well listen up, all you who are creative, crafty or just generally awesome at making stuff!  Share your idea for a Fall wreath with us and be entered into our Frugal Fall Decor Giveaway!

CREDITS: Nutty Acorn Wreath (marthastewart), Apple Wreath (BHG) , Gourd Wreath( BHG), Pinecone Wreath Orange Ribbon (TipJunkie), Pinecone Wreath Green Ribbon (U-Create)







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