DIY Fall Wreath Ideas & Command Hook Coupon!

I was talking with our Facebook community this morning about some Fall Wreath ideas – and we had lots of creative folks telling us about ways they make cute wreaths without spending alot of money.  I thought I’d bring that discussion here – so we can all see each other’s ideas more easily and inspire each other!

I’ve included the Facebook comments below – and in case you need these to hang your wreath – here are some great $.50/1 Command Hooks Coupons to print!

  • I made a football wreath- team colors -found a football shaped ornament-a team pin-a banner…etc..real cute. (Tina Kincaid)
  • I take artificial flowers and stems from whatever arrangements, wreaths and other seasonal pieces I have stored in the garage that are no longer okay to use in the house. Things tend to get a tad smashed during the year in storage, so, I take the arrangements apart and create a new wreath for our front door. And the only cost to me is a grapevine wreath, which I of course, purchase with a coupon at my local Michael’s store. (Emily Howerton Pratt)
  • I saw one on pinterest where you used fall colored ribbons all over. (Staci Wilkes Burnette)
  • I just made a fabric wreath in fall colors. The tutorial was on Southern Priss’ blog a few weeks ago! Super easy and fun! (Bethany Miller Slocum)
  • A super cheap way to make the wreath part, go to hardware store and buy the black styrofoam that you put around pipes. Cut to size u want and duck tape together (Jill Hollis)
  • I buy the grapevine wreaths from craft stores or Walmart and then take fake flowers and ribbon (that I have found at Dollar Tree for the cheapest yet) and make different wreaths. (Shawna M. Campbell)
  • I have small children so we break out the construction paper in fall colors, trace their hands then glue them down on a card board cut out to make a wreath. A true work of art. :o) (Crystal Stephen Binder)
  • Neck tie wreath. Good way to use those old ties nobody wears in your house anymore. Great way to add color! (Kristin Kelley Sotelo)

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