DIY Fall Decor: “Monster Mash” Family Door Wreath!

(I’m supposed to be the pink one)

Jamie here!  Around my house, the begining of fall is marked by the amount of construction paper scraps littering our kitchen table.  The kids and I have a tradition of making paper pumpkins, bats, leaves, spoooooky moons – and all sorts of other fallish stuff – to tape onto the windows and doors.

This year – the older boys knocked it out of the part when they created a monster for each member of the family.  I wanted to showcase such beautiful art (hehe) by giving their monster family a place of honor – so we made a wreath.  It cost me $1 – and it took about 10 minutes!  Here’s how to make your own “Monster Mash Family Wreath”

You’ll Need:   Pizza Box, Hot Glue Gun, Ribbon, Monsters
Cost:   $1 for ribbon at Dollar Tree

  1. Have your kids make monsters representing each family member
  2. Cut a wreath shape out of a pizza box (I used a couple bowls for my circle templates)
  3. Wrap a whole spool of ribbon (Black, purple, orange – you pick!) around the wreath and tape both ends in place.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to cover the pizza stains on the cardboard :)  I actualy didn’t have enough ribbon, a fact which is easily covered up by careful monster placement.
  4. Hot glue your monsters onto the wreath holding hands (or not)
  5. Hot glue a length of ribbon to the back, and hang on a hook or wreath hanger.

  6. VOILA!


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