DIY Burlap Frame

Anyone been down the Target home aisle lately? (You know you have, and if you haven’t…your missing out!)

During a recent (and very frequent) trip to my local Target I saw that they have a new line of burlap home decor items, and most of the concepts looked so easy, I figured we could try it out.

Hi! I’m Amber Anderson, I am a pastors wife, mom of 2 lovely boys, and an avid DIY’er. I post regularly about DIY projects, crafts and family life on You can also see and purchase some of my crafts at my new

 So here’s an easy tutorial for all y’all Target lovers. Wait, that is everyone right? I mean, who doesn’t love Target? (Can you tell I love Target?)

Here’s what you need:

Old frame


Mod Podge


Tape (or paper and exact-o knife)


Foam brush

 1. Start with whatever frame you choose, paint it whatever color you fancy.

2. Cut your burlap to fit the size of the frame. (It wont be perfect, that’s ok) *For any of you who don’t know how to cut burlap. Let me give you a little run down. Decide where you want to cut the burlap, pull a strand of it out, and cut along that open line. See below:

3. Spread out Mod Podge against the entire back part of the frame, lay down your burlap where you want it, and spread Mod Podge back over that.

 4. Close up frame and cut off any excess burlap. Allow Mod Podge to dry before painting.

 5. This took some skill. You can do this 2 ways; You could tape off whatever letter, number, symbol that you want, OR you could exact-o knife a piece of paper in whatever shape, word, symbol you’d like. On one of the last ones I did for an Etsy customer, I printed off the letter really big on the computer, cut it out with my exact-o knife and used it as a stencil. Similar to the stencil I did on the record player.

Since I was doing a fairly easy shape, I decided to go with the tape.

6. Using a FOAM brush, I dabbed the paint onto the burlap. *Be very careful to dab, not brush, because the tape won’t stick to the burlap very well and you’ll find your self painting outside the lines like 1st grade all over again. :)

And your done!

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