Disney Parks FREE Vacation Planner DVD! (Money-Saving Tips and More)

Believe it or not – I have NEVER been to Disney Land or World or anything – but I’d love to go!  However, planning a trip there seems very overwhelming – I wouldn’t want to miss any of the good stuff and I’d want to go the parts of the park my family would love best.

Here’s a great freebie for people like me!  Disney is offering a FREE Vacation Planning DVD Package to help you plan a vacation to Disney Parks – including lots of really helpful info!  *Get yours by clicking the banner below:



 Included on the DVD:

  • Tips to save on your vacation
  • Tour of the Florida & California theme parks, water parks, & resort hotels
  • Comes with pocket-size Planning guides, maps, & event information


  1. Angela says

    I have this package. I have always wanted to take my girls but like you said, it seems so overwhelming! Perhaps we should start a convo about it. I am sure there are some “been-there-done-that” ladies out there who can offer tons of tips! A friend of mine said she saved about $200 just by taking her little girls’ own princess costumes, crowns, jewelry and when they were there, she did their hair, sprayed it with glitter, put makeup on them and then went to one of the special events! Most of the other kids were paying tons of money for someone else to “doll” them up. She had tons of little tips like that to share with me on saving money at Disney… I bet other moms out there could share some too!

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