Diamond Candles for $13.99! (Each comes with a ring inside!)

UPDATE: We had one reader comment that you aren’t allowed to stack discounts or “badges” – meaning that you’ll probably only be able to use the $10 credit, making this $13.99.  Still a great discount on this present!

Ok – I found a nice deal on Diamond Candles that I think would make a cool gift for someone on your list (Especially the hard-to-buy-for someone)!  Diamond Candles are wonderfully scented, beautiful all natural soy candles with a little surprise…inside each candle there is a ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000.   How fun is that?  Like a cracker-jack box for grown women!

Here are a few reviews I gathered from readers & friends:

  • I have had several! I love them. They really do smell amazing.
  • I have to say I got one and it is kind of fun! My ring was $10 cheapie, but the concept is great. (candle smells good and last long too)
  • I’ve gotten two and they were okay smelling. The rings are about an inch or so from the top. I liked the rings though.
  • I was sucked in ;0 I was very happy with my ring it’s a simple sterling silver band with my daughters birthstone.

Right now on SneakPeeq, Diamond Candles are on sale for $23.99.

PLUS – New members of SneakPeeq get a $10 FREE Credit and a gift for joining – making them $13.99 for new members.   But this deal gets even better if you earn any other badges by “peeking” around at deals -

I personally checked my own SneakPeeq account today and had a $5 Credit/Badge that I did nothing to earn – called the “Cindy Lou” badge.  If you are able to use the $10 Credit and this $5 Badge – you’ll be able to score a candle for as little as $8.99!

I also had a “Free Shipping on $49 orders badge waiting in there – but I’m not sure how many badges you can use together. (If you know – please leave us a comment!)

  • Holiday Delivery Guaranteed
  • Shipping: $5.95 for your 1st item + $1.95 for each additional item added to the same cart. Ships within 14 days of the end of sale.

Have you ever bought a Diamond Candle?  What did you think of it?  Did you get a nice ring?


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