Dear Kelly and Kasey,
My sister, niece and myself attended your class this weekend. I’ve been couponing for quite some time and didn’t really know if I would learn anything new at your workshops. To say the least…..I did! You both really know your stuff! I tried out all that I learned, by using the coupons that I had in my “stash”. the store ads and your website! I was able to save a total of 53% on my one-day shopping spree! I saved more in some places, less in others, depending on my coupons and the store deals. My next goal is set at 70% Total Savings!

Thank you both for your ministry. I know that this will be a “life-saver” for so many people in these tough economic times.
Peace & Love to you both-
M. B.

Publix -
Spent $ 41.83 –
Saved $ 25.34
Saved around 38%
Biggest Bargain – $ 1.34 for Aunt Jemima Pancakes – Used Target coupon and clipped coupon totalling $ 1.50 – $.16 cents overage

Spent $ 70.73
Saved $ 49.86
Saved around 42%
Biggest Bargain- Budweiser Barbeque sauce – paid 25 cent bottle after coupon!

Spent $ 13.07 ($ 12.07 after RR)
Saved – $53.40
Saved around 80%

Still have $ 1.00 in rolling receipts (RR)
What I brought home- Tide Detergent, 2 Gillette Fusion razors Regular $ 9.00 each (Found.On Clearance – 57 cents each after coupon), 1 off brand razor set (free), 2 Colgate total toothpastes, 1 Rembrandt toothpaste Regular $ 5.00 (free)., Thera Flu Liquid nighttime cough syrup, feminine pads,

Spent – $ 16.81 ( $ 5.81 after extra bucks)
Saved – $ 29.37
Saved around 88% after extra bucks
Still have Extra Bucks to spend – $ 11.00
Total amount paid out of pocket after extra bucks $ 5.81
What I brought home – 1 bounce dryer bar ,(reg 3.99), 3 – 2oz. glade candles (free after coupons), 1 bottle head/shoulders shampoo (reg 4.99), 1 Fusion Razor, (reg 8.99) & 1 Large Glade Candle (reg. 6.99)

Spent – $ 38.28
Saved $ 27.85
Saved around 41%
What I brought Home – Axe shower soap, 2 arrid deodorants, q-tips, scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner, scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, Scott bath tissues – 2 – 4pkgs, all detergent, ocean spray juice,(not on sale and busted some of my budget) 2- 20lb tidy cat litter containers, bottle of novelty drink (not on my list either)
Total Shopping for the day –
Paid out of pocket $ 169.72
Saved – $ 185.82

Total Savings – 53%
recieved via email 9-1-2009

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