Cyber Monday Giveaway: (3) Readers win $100 from Ebates!



Cyber Monday week is here – and that means we’ll all be shopping online a little more than usual.  One thing you need do before you do any online shopping is sign up for Ebates.  Here are the Top 3 Reasons we Time2Save girls love Ebates:

  1. Ebates gives you Cash Back for online purchases
  2. You can find coupon codes on Ebates for Free Shipping, $10 off $25, etc…
  3. It’s FREE to join, and you’ll get to pick a $5 Welcome Bonus or a $10 eGiftcard when you do!

Example: Let’s say you will spend $100 online at Walmart.  Ebates is giving you 5% Cashback, meaning you’ll get a check for $5.  See?  Easy!

Ebates is giving (3) Time2Save Readers a $100 Bill!

This giveaway will last for 3 days, and you can enter each of the 3 days – starting today.  We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, December 1st at 10pm EST.

To Enter:

1) Non-Ebates Members: Join Ebates and leave us a comment letting us know (You’ll get a $5 Welcome Bonus or a $10 eGiftcard just for joining!)

2) Current Ebates members: Let us know how much cashback you’ve earned so far from Ebates!

3) *BONUS ENTRY*:  Like Time2Save on Facebook. Leave a comment to let us know you did!

4) *BONUS ENTRY*: Follow T2$ on Twitter Leave a comment to let us know.

NOTE: The winner of our Black Friday Ebates Giveaway is…. Teresa Moore
Congratulations Teresa!  Please email us at for details.


  1. Melissa says

    I’m loving Ebates, I thought it was too good to be true but 2 checks later I’m loving it!!! I’ve earned $27.56 just since August and I don’t really do alot of online shopping.

  2. Jessica Cargile says

    I have liked you on facebook! Thank you for sharing all of the great deals! It saves this mom of five lots of time!

  3. Jessica Cargile says

    I already use ebates and I have made $50.20 in cash back all on stuff that would have bought anyway. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

  4. Ken says

    Not sure if the 3-day contest period is November 27-29 and over or if it’s still going. If it is, I joined Ebates this past weekend but have still not purchased anything through them.

  5. Sue says

    I have earned over $50 with Ebates. I’ve gotten paid almost $11 already and am waiting until Feb. to get the money I just earned over the weekend. LOVE EBATES

  6. Victoria Underwood says

    My total cash back is $252.46 I LOVE Ebates and check it to see if the store is on the list before I order from ANY online site :) I also follow T2S on Facebook…Headed there now to message!

  7. Cynthia says

    I have earned $34 from Ebates so far… shopping through them all day long today though so it will be more very shortly!

  8. Jo L says

    I am an ebates member. Id is jlewis5. Just joined not too long ago. Going to make a purchase later today after discussing stuff with hubby.

  9. Jamie C. says

    I’ve earned all total about $155 cash back from Ebates – love, love, love them!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win some much needed Christmas money for the kiddos. Yay! :)

  10. Kristen Rapp says

    I use ebates! Although I got so excited about a few deals on Black Friday that I forgot :)
    I have earned about $30 since I joined recently.

  11. charlene says

    I haven’t been a member too long but I’ve gotten 2 checks for around $15 each. Easy way to make money.
    I also follow time2save on facebook.

  12. Simone Hobbs says

    Liked you on face book

    And don;t have a dollar amount on how much saved b/c I am just now starting to look online to do my Christmas shopping. So hopefully I will have saved some $$ with eBates very soon!


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