CVS Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals: 6/26 – 7/2 (FREE Tampons, Cheap Soda!)

Here are the best deals for CVS Weekly Ad 6/26 – 7/2, there aren’t as many goodies as last week, but a few really good freebies and cheapies that I’ll be stopping by to get!  Scroll down to the bottom for this week’s Gas Card Scenario – You’ll be getting lots of cheap soda!

*I’ll be adding a few more items to this list later today – so check back for an update!

This List Has Expired
Best ECB Deals:
Best Coupon Deals:
FREE $10 Gas Card Items:


  1. Jenny says

    Janet, the CVS in Fort Oglethorpe and also in Ringgold off 2A is awesome. We will be getting a new on 2A soon too! :D It’s much closer for me than the one close to Ringgold.
    Also, how much is the Hellmans mayo?? I have a manu. coupon from my Bi-Lo coupon paper for $1.00 off one… so if they are bogo… i could use two of those and get them for how much?? thanks T2S! Your awesome!!!

  2. says

    My CVS on E Brainerd road is not very receptive to the couponing. Is another one nicer? I’d be willing to drive further. Thanks

  3. Samantha R. says

    Was in CVS last week and used my CVS card at the magic coupon machine. I got the coupons for the chips and twizzlers. I didn’t use them at that time so I saved them. I did purchase deoderant and got a $1 extra buck. I went by CVS today and got two bags of twizzlers. Before I went to the checkout I scanned my card and got another coupon for the twizzlers, so with the two coupons at $1 off 1 bag each and the dollar off extra buck and with them only being two dollars a bag I paid $1 for two bags of twizzlers, when your short on cash that comes in handy. Have a sweet tooth then that is the cheapest way to do it.

  4. Amanda says

    Nikki, that may be the preference of that CVS. Anytime there is BOGO though you are supposed to be allowed to use two coupons because you are buying two products!! I use two all the time, last week i got the razors for .25 each!!

  5. Estella P says

    Hey just thought I would share. I was at my local dollar store and noticed some $1.00/1 XTRA coupons. I went ahead and grabbed a few knowing that these go on sale often. Today I got 12 bottles at CVS for .49 cents each.

  6. Nikki says

    I have a ? About the shick hydro 3 deal, they are bogo free so how do u use 2- $4.00/1 coupon, when the 2nd razor is free, my cvs said u can’t? Thank u for all ur great tips!

  7. Leah M says

    I am looking at the CVS ad, and it states in the one I am looking at that for the Shick Intution, Quattro for Men or for Women that you only get $3 in ECB not $4. Are you sure you get $4 in ECB? Leah

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