CVS Summer Clearance 75% OFF!

Photo Credit – MyFrugalAdventures

If you have a chance to run into your local CVS this weekend, it might be your last chance to scoop up some summer clearance items for 75% OFF!  It usually won’t go to 90% OFF at CVS (not like Rite-Aid!), so if you’re holding out for that, you’ll be holding out for a long, long time….

Besides regular summer stock, lots of folks have found Huggies Little Swimmers and even HUGGIES SOFT CARE WIPES TUBS on clearance for up to 75% OFF!

Check for coupons for Huggies in our Coupon Database


Here are some things that I like to pick up on clearance:

  • Charcoal, Lighter fluid, portable grils
  • Ice packs
  • Water bottles
  • Insulated bags
  • Picnic Blankets, tablecloths (Use the vinyl ones for play-doh or painting time)
  • TOYS: Bats, balls, badminton, water guns NERF GUNS (Great Christmas gifts!) and tons more swimmy toys for next year
  • ICE CREAM STUFF: bowls/scoops, sets (Put with nice toppings to make a gift set for someone later)

What kind of stuff do you buy every year off the summer clearance shelves?

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