CVS Highlights: 4/3 – 4/9 (AWESOME WEEK!)

It’s an AWESOME WEEK for freebies at CVS this week!  Time to stock up on toothpaste, toothbrushes, John Frieda, Toilet paper, and lots more!!  This week’s ad starts Sunday, March 4th, but check with your store to see if they begin their ad early (on Saturday). Most NON-24-hour stores do!

CVS Helpful Hints:

  • Scan your card at the red scanner (aka- Magical Coupon Machine) to get helpful store coupons
  • Check your email for a $4/$20, $3/$15 or $5/$25 CVS coupons – they come occasionally!
  • GET RAINCHECKS on items that are sold out.  CVS gives them even for ECB deals!

This List Has Expired
Best ECB Deals:
Best Coupon Deals:

- Thanks to WeUseCoupons for the preview!


  1. Mary Beth Williams says

    I went to do both the Charmin/Aussie deal and the deal using the $5/40 coupon. Here’s what happened:

    I decided to do the $5/40 deal first, and then use the ECB’s for the Charmin/Aussie deal. They had everything in stock to do the deal EXCEPT the flossers, so I already knew the deal would be $4 less that listed in the scenario. So, I found some paper towel rolls that were 2/$1 to make up the difference.

    When I rang all of that stuff up, the total with tax came out to $47 and some change. After all my coupons (I had all of them listed, except I had to use a $1.50/1 Colgate as the $2 printable was gone). I also had $2 ECB’s from a previous trip. So, after all my coupons the total was $22 and some change. After paying that, I got back $21 in ECB’s.

    Next, I went to do the Charmin/Aussie deal. After ringing everything up and using the (2) $1/2 Aussie’s, (2) $0.25 Charmins (I didn’t have the $1/2 for some reason), and one BOGO Aussie, the register would NOT take any more BOGO Aussie’s. My cashier (who is really great) looked at the Aussie coupon and saw that the fine print reads you can only use one coupon per transaction, and only four in one shopping trip. So, she forced one more to go through but said that’s all she could do. This made the deal $5 more not being able to use those coupons, which frustrated me. But, she said if I brought another $1/2 coupon by today, she would give me $1 back. Still not as good, but oh well. Anyways, be aware that the BOGO Aussie coupons MAY not go through. I was very surprised that they wouldn’t, but I hadn’t read the very fine print.

    So, after using my ECB’s from the previous order, my total was $4 and change, and I received the $10 back.

    So, all in all, both of those deals cost around $16, taking into account the $10 ECB I got back.

    Although that’s not as great as I was hoping, for over $80 worth of stuff, it wasn’t bad!

    Maybe some of you will have a better experience trying to work those deals!!

  2. says

    My Daughter has taught me so much at CVS by using my coupons. I have saved a lot and have a lot of stuff. I never reilized getting a Ecb back would be so much fun. I really enjoy Shopping at cvs.

    • Jamie says

      Teresa – you aren’t doing anything wrong, I did “Crazy Math” for a minute there! I’m so glad you pointed it out!!


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