CVS Highlights: 4/17 – 4/22 (Free Easter Items!)

Here are the best ECB Deals going on at CVS this week –  I’m loving the cheap lightbulbs, soda, and Easter freebies!  I’m also going to get some nice Aveeno bodywash – and a new Intuition Razor!

I’ll be adding a few more deals this afternoon – during “naptime” – so check back for a couple extra coupon deals and a Beginner’s CVS Scenario!

CVS Helpful Hints:


This List Has Expired
Sun-Tues Deals:
Best ECB Deals:
Best Coupon Deals:


  1. Cheryl R. says

    The Chattanooga Times Free Press has hardly any coupons. When I first started couponing I would buy it but found that a smaller town’s newspaper close to me had a lot more coupons and was half the price. I get the McMinnville’s Southern Standard for .75 cents where the Chattanooga paper was costing me $1.50 and didn’t have many coupons at all. You might want to check out a few towns close to you to see how their coupons are.

  2. Laura says

    I get the Knoxville Newspaper, but didn’t get all of the ones listed either. Still got some really good ones though. Jamie, do you use a coupon clipping service? If so, which one?

    • Jamie says

      Laura – I have used couponclippers, couponsandthingsbydede, and – but MOST of all, I use Ebay!

  3. Jamie says

    Julie – you’re absolutely right!! Different regions of the country are allotted different coupons, depending upon where the manufacturer wants to focus it’s campaign. Always buy the LARGEST city’s newspaper near you to get the most coupons in your insert – and if you still come up short (we usually do around here) – I’d suggest ordering coupons from ebay or a coupon clipping service on occasion – for items you just HAVE to have :)

  4. Julie says

    Is it possible that not all Red Plums and Smart Sources are created equal? I get the Chattanoog Times but I have a hard time finding the coupons listed. Either I’m ‘dumber’ than I thought or I’m missing something. Currently, I can not find the Heat Wraps coupon listed in RP3/27.

    Anyone else have trouble?

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