CVS Highlights: 1/30 – 2/5

Here are the best deals you can get at CVS this week – there are quite a few decent prices on useful items, and I’ve created a scenario at the bottom for those of you who need an idea of how to get going.   I can’t wait to stock up on some more soda this week!  We’ll be set for summer gatherings!  Thanks to WeUseCoupons for the ad!

Let me know if you get any good coupons from the Magical Coupon Machine, or find any great markdowns!

CVS Helpful Hints:

  • Make sure to take lots of makeup coupons for the 75% OFF Makeup Clearance *These clearances usually WON’T combine with an ECB deal, so don’t expect one to print when you buy those.
  • Scan your card at the red scanner (aka- Magical Coupon Machine) to get helpful store coupons
  • Check your email for a $4/$20 CVS coupon – they come occasionally!

There are currently no items in this list.


  1. Denise says

    I wonder if a lot of them are regional because my Ragu coupon was for only .60/2 :( Also, what is the P&G Everyday savings booklet mentioned? Where can you get that?

  2. brandi says

    Susan – this must be a regional difference, I haven’t checked my own paper yet, but I’m guessing I probably got the same lower-value coupon as you :(

  3. Tiffany says

    I found .75/1 Q’s for vitamin water last week at CVS on the cooler door. Combined with the BOGO Q – should make for some cheap drinks.

  4. Jamie says

    It’s a NEW coke deal – and guess what, it looks like it will be in NEXT WEEK’s ad as well!!! Some people are even saying the limit is more than one. Let us know!


  1. Set Five Assorted Prints…

    [...] porting their ECB didn’t print for this, so show your cashier that it’s included [...]…

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