CVS Green Bag Tag Ending…. $2 Goodbye Bonus!


The CVS Green Bag Tag program is ending as of 5/31  – but with this sad news comes a tiny silver lining.  Customers who already have a tag can receive a one-time $2 ECB Goodbye Reward when they scan their tag anytime between now and 5/31!  You can also continue using your card until that date, but they will no longer be selling new ones.

Here’s the official word on the ending of the Green Bag Tag Program:

CVS/pharmacy will be phasing out the Green Bag Tag program …. in order to focus on other environmental initiatives which we believe will have a greater impact on our local communities. Specific information on timing and future plans will be announced at a later date. While the Green Bag Tag is no longer for sale in our stores, current cardholders can continue to use their cards until the official end of the program. We will be contacting customers who are actively using the program with more details in the near future.”

- Thanks MooLaSavingMom and ILoveMyCouponFans

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  1. christy says

    so if we already have a tag, will be still be able to get the $1 once we’ve used it 3 x’s after 5/31??? Or is it, once it ends, everything that went with it, goes too?? LOL

    • says

      Once it ends – it’s over. The $2 Farewell bonus is just a nice way to make us feel better about it all I guess. But I’m still sad!

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