CVS: FREE Skincare Item + FREE Paper Product!

If you haven’t scanned your CVS card this week at the “Magic Coupon Machine” – it’s worth going by for that purpose alone!  Most folks are getting a $1 Off CVS Skincare Item and $1 Off CVS Paper Product (I got them on my second swipe tonight).  Here are some ideas for FREE or very cheap items with these coupons:

-$1 Off Skincare:
99¢ Cocoa Butter Stick (That’s what I got, for my poor cracked heels)
99¢ Cotton Swabs, Q-tips, etc… in the trial area
99¢ Trial Size Lotion
Look for clearanced CVS brand lotions/face products like Bioluxe and others

-$1 Off Paper Product:
99¢ Travel Cup Moist Towelette Wipes (in baby section)
2/99¢ Travel Pack CVS Facial Tissues
Cheap Notepad?
$1.15 Green Essentials Toilet Paper Single Roll (Will be 2/$1 Next Week!)
$1.15 Travel Pack of CVS Soft, Cottony Cloths (Baby Wipes)
$1.29 Green Essentials Paper Towel Roll
$2 Reg. Size CVS Baby Wipes

There are SO MANY options to use this on!  The interpretation of “Skincare” and “Paper Product” can be vague – so your store may vary on accepting some of these.  I got the CVS wipes for cheap-o makeup remover wipes (What can I say, I’m lazy at night) and the Cocoa Butter Stick.  I plan to go back daily to scan and grab more items.  What did you get???

ALSO:  If you haven’t gone since April 1st, you’ll also be receiving your quarterly spending Extra Care Bucks Reward (I only got $1, but hey, I don’t spend much there!)

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