CVS: FREE Hershey Air Delight Bar (& Pepsi Problems)

Need a chocolate moment?  Head over HERE to print a coupon for a FREE Hershey’s Airated Milk Chocolate Bar from CVS!  You can print it twice – so 2 for you!!  – Thanks Mojo!

In other CVS coupon news – the $.99 Pepsi 12-Pack Deal we mentioned HERE isn’t working for everybody.  Turns out – if you are one of those people who never gets the CVS coupons via email – you probably won’t get this either.

Well, that is just my luck.  It’s a conspiracy I tell you!! :)

Weigh in and tell us if you got the Pepsi deal today!!


  1. kjfloyd says

    I saw on another site that you only got this deal if you have registered previously (and not just recently) on with a valid email address and your cvs card…. I hadn’t signed up yet, and I did not get the coupon, but I signed up today and will see if it works for whatever the next “deal” is. I always seem to miss out and never get the good coupons to print out for me at CVS :( Maybe this will do the trick!

  2. Amanda says

    I can’t seem to find the Hershey bar coupons on the CVS coupon website. Does that coupon print off in the store or is there a certain zip code you have to use for it to show up??

  3. Laurie says

    I got the 99 cent Pepsi in Athens, GA. I also had coupons for a free Lipton green tea single serving, free John Frieda Precision Hair Color Foam, and 2 coupons for the Hershey’s Air Delights. I used a $1 ECB so I just paid tax of .82 and got $4 ECBs back!

  4. Katie says

    I went to the Cleveland CVS on 25th St. and got the ECB! I also got two free Hershey’s bars. They had to be done with two separate transactions. I got an email yesterday or the day before advertising the Pepsi deal. The cashier lady said that I got lucky and not everybody got one. She said she had been there for 25 years and she didn’t get one either… so who knows.

  5. janie says

    Hi! I got mine! It did not print from the magic machine at first so I asked the manager about it. He opened the machine and saw that the paper had wadded up. He adjusted it and out came my coupon! Great deal! Thanks for the heads up – I had not checked my email account – saw it here first! :)

  6. Erin says

    Got my coupon for Pepsi .99. I seem to get all the email deals. Maybe it has to do with prescriptions getting filled there?

  7. stephanie says

    I live in Leesburg, Ga . and I did get my coupon for the 99 cent Pepsi. I also had a ECb for 1that I had recieved for using my green tag so it cost me nothing out of pocket for the 12pack… Good day. I then went to Publix across the street and got Maxwell house coffee for 1.99 (the brick) and pasta for 67 cents .

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