CVS Dove Update (Free Deodorant, $.20 Bodywash)

Last week, before our newspapers hit the stands, all we knew about the Dove coupons is that they said $2 off a Dove+Men product, and BOGO Bodywash.  Now that we can see the actual coupon- this is what we got:

  • BOGO Dove Men+Care Bodywash
  • $2/1 Dove Men+Care Deodorant

So here’s a few updated scenarios to use at CVS this week (Ending THURSDAY):

Buy (5) Deodorants = $15
Use (5) $2/1 coupons
Pay $5 ~ Get $5 ECB
(makes it FREE!)

Buy (3) Deodorants + (2) Bodywash = $15
Use (3) $2/1 + (1) BOGO Bodywash
Pay $6 ~ Get $5 ECB
(makes it $.20 ea)

Buy (4) Bodywash + (1) Deodorant = $15
Use (2) BOGO Coupons + (1) $2/1 Deodorant
Pay $7 ~ Get $5 ECB
(makes it $.40 ea) *This is the deal I did!  My 4 Boys + Husband go through lots of bodywash…..

I hope that helps clear up the confusion – and I’ll add a note to the original list of CVS Weekly Deals as well!


  1. Renee says

    At CVS I did:

    Buy (4) Mens Bodywash + (1) Women’s Deodorant= $15.50
    Use (2) BOGO Coupons + (1) $1/1 Deodorant Printable
    Pay $8.50 ~ Get $5 ECB
    Makes it $.70 each (not as low as yours, but still a very good deal)

    Then since at CVS its limit one ECB reward, I went to Wal-greens, which has the same deal going on and there I did:

    Buy (2) Womens Bodywash + (2) Mens Bodywash=15.00
    Use (2) Buy womens bodywash get $3.75 off mens bodywash Printable (makes the men’s free)
    Pay $ 7.50 ~Get $5 Register Rewards
    Makes it $.38 each

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