CVS Coupon Matchups & Deals: 9/30-10/6 ( FREE Venus, $.49 Colgate & Robitussin, $.67 Dove Products!)


CVS has some great deals for the week 9/30-10/6.  Cold & Flu Season is among us and with that being said the $.49 Robitussin will come in handy! The $.49 Colgate and $.67 Dove Deal is not bad either!  There is a big Proctor & Gamble promotion – where you can mix and match items for a good d.  We’ll update that deal later with some price points to give you a scenario idea.  Oh one more thing….  Skippy Peanut Butter for $1.78!  That wouldn’t have been considered a good deal a year ago – but lately, it’s pretty great!

Helpful Hints:

Best ECB Deals:
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  1. says

    Have a question. I am wanting to buy the candy I think that s on sale. It says if u buy 5 bags that equal 10.00 and get 3.00 back, how many bags will I need to buy total in order to get them for 1.25 ea.

    • DealDetectiveKim says

      Donna, that’s what’s called a “net price”. It means you take what you spent out of pocket, which was $8 after coupons, subtract the $3 Extra Bucks rebate of $3, and you get $5 divided by 4 bags (not 5), which equals $1.25. If you don’t have the coupons, your price per bag goes up. I usually use the Extra Bucks for something I would buy anyway, like toilet paper, or for another deal that will give me Extra Bucks. I know it sounds complicated, but experience will help you. I strongly suggest going to a workshop for drugstore deals, they can get a little more complicated than grocery deals! Hope this helps!


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