CVS Christmas Clearance + 75% OFF Winter Beauty Clearance!


CVS Christmas Clearance Finds!

I went to CVS last night to check out the Christmas Clearance – which was only at 50% OFF and was a little unexciting.

Here are some pictures anyway – those Crock Pots might be a good deal if you need one, but they’re a little on the small side.  Candy, wrapping paper and bows are also 50% OFF right now.



What REALLY caught my eye however, had nothing to do with Christmas. 

I spotted several beauty products, like Olay Facial lotion and Lumene products, for 75% OFF.  Also Burt’s Bees, CoverGirl and more!  I forgot to take a picture in the beauty aisle – but I bought that exact box of Clairol down there (Darkest Brown – for about $2.50) and that Lumene Magic Drops – which is pretty magical so far – for about $5.

I just needed a little push to get over my Beauty Bucks total and now I’m good!



In the haircare aisle – where I finally remembered my phone is a camera – I spotted LA Looks hair Gel, Clear Shampoo (which was already taken) and Clairol Hair Color all at 75% OFF




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