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CVS Black Friday Preview (Over $100 in Freebies!)


I’m getting excited just LOOKING at it!!!

I look forward to Black Friday – even though I rarely go shopping at the mall, or hit up Walmart or Target.  What I get MOST excited about is making a trip 2 blocks from my house to the CVS and grabbing a cart full of freebies!  Once again, CVS is bringing us tons of free and cheap items for Black Friday – here are all the most exciting deals so you can prepare:

More FREE and CHEAP!

- Thanks to Steph from DebtFreeSpending and Cheryl from SimplyCVSShopping for typing up the ad!


  1. You have Theraflu trial size .99 as free. Is there a couple or ECB?


  2. I was able to get a brownie one! Still need a carmex lip one though. Thanks.

  3. I can’t find a Carmex coupon that isn’t for the larger 4oz. I am also looking for the Fiber One brownie
    coupon. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  4. Love this!! Thank you so much!! Now I need help with as little out of pocket as possible :) I am not very good at designing my check out plan just yet.

    Thank you to anyone that will help …

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