CVS Black Friday 2012 Ad – 12 Freebies!

The CVS Black Friday Ad rumors are out – there will be at least 12 Freebies that we know about!!  I don’t have the ad to verify the prices, but all the forums are buzzing with the following super-secret intel ;)  The items below will be FREE after Extra Care Bucks, no coupons needed.  However, if you have coupons, you’ll make a little money on those free items!

Keep in mind that quantities will sell out fast, but don’t forget to pick up a rain check! I still have rain checks from LAST year’s Black Friday Sale – I just keep them tucked away for a rainy day when I need a few freebies :)

*Read our post on getting Rainchecks HERE

CVS Black Friday Freebies:


Let us know if you get your hands on an ad and can add any info to our list!!

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