CVS and the Magical Coupon Machine

It sounds like a modern-day Fairy Tale, doesn’t it?  Well, friends, that’s because it IS!  Most of you probably know all about scanning your CVS card to get your CRT’s when you visit the store.  But if you’re new, this might all be gibberish – so let me just start by introducing you:

THIS is the “CVS Magical Coupon Machine”

Okay…okay…. it’s usually just called a “Scanner”,”Price Checker”, or “Coupon Center” and it really looks like this:

But that is just not enough EXCITEMENT! and PIZAZZ! to describe the joy that little machine can bring to your soul!  It’s like gambling, but without the guilt or the riverboat.  Let me explain….
Every time you go into CVS, scan your card to see if you get lucky.  If you wait a minute, you may be able to scan it more than once.  Sometimes, I am able to scan my card 3 or 4 times before it tells me “No More Coupons Available”. This is what an extra care coupon looks like:

  • You can get GREAT store coupons for regular products ($2 Off Huggies Wipes, etc..) that can be stacked with MFR coupons. 
  • You may also receive $/$$ coupons (I mostly receive $2/$10, but some others are higher!)
To see what coupons or “CRT’s” (cash register tape) are printing currently, just check the list over at IHeartCVS.


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