CVS Clearance | 75% OFF Toys, Kitchen & Dollar Deals!

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CVS 75% OFF Clearance Finds:  Toys, Kitchen Items, Dollar Deals…. cvs-clearance-kitchen

After making a trip to buy goggles, towels, charcoal and more in the CVS Summer Clearance aisle, I found a lot more clearance that wasn’t even marked yet thanks to my buddy who works there!  Here are the items worth scanning – most everything was in the Dollar Deals Aisle, as well as small toys from the seasonal aisle (these were next to the pet beds, which were ALSO on clearance!):

  • Barbie Fun on the Go Set $.99
  • Little Mermaid Suncatcher $.99

*These are going in the gift closet to either serve as last-minute birthday party gifts, or for Angel Tree

  • Scouring Sponges 4-pack – $.25
  • 3-Pack Writing Tablets – $.25
  • Milkshake Straws – $.25
  • Slider storage bags, zipper sandwich bags – $.25
  • Vinyl Tablecloths – $.50
  • Kitchen Towels – $.50
  • Set of Rags – $.50

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